What Vegans Eat

Since I started my vegan experience a little bit more than two months ago, the question most often asked was: What do vegans eat?

Well, the answer is pretty simple: everything plant-based! And that’s actually a lot and can be very tasty.

I don’t want bore anyone with a list of vegetable, fruits, nuts and other plant-based ingredients. So instead, here are some highlights of my favourite vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks in the past 2 months. It’s a mix of home-made and eat out meals and of course there are many more great meals I have been eating but didn’t take photos of.

Have a look at the cards, open the PDFs for links and feel free to ask for more insights on anything that catches your appetite. If you want even more beautiful vegan food inspiration, follow my friend’s vegan food project Cómo Comer on Instagram and Facebook!

Be warned, you might get hungry though…


Download PDF with links to recipes here: Breakfast.


Download PDF with links to recipes here: Lunch


Download PDF with links to recipes here: Dinner


 Download PDF with links to recipes here: Snacks


Please feel free to comment, share your recipes and ask if you have any questions, want to have any recipes or more inspiration.

Want to know why vegan recipes? Read the main article ‘Vegan Experience’.

Author: Cornelia

Cornelia is interested in finding a good work~life balance, healthy yummy food and learning from other cultures. As a co-editor for Feed Me Strength, Cornelia will explore and share her experiences of healthy nutrition (including delicious recipes), alternative lifestyles, mindfulness and busy life compatible movement exercises.

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