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Here is a little movement session that I did today. Having not trained in a while, the aim of this low-intensity session was to just re-connect with the body and get going again.

My current training goals are primarily to get back to pain free movement, working through hip and shoulder issues; so mobility training has been the main focus of my recent efforts. As well as working on the soft core, or inner unit as Paul Chek calls it.

I actually spent longer on the Prep part of the session, around 35 mins, working on mobility and control:

  • The squat hip rotations are from Ido Portal’s Squat Clinic.
  • I used 6 adjustable Smart Hurdles for the over-unders, which my hips are really enjoying. Working on range of motion and control.
  • I have been dropping in the Jefferson Curl every now and again to load the spine in flexion. I used a barbell @ 30kg, standing on a plyo box. Great stretch in the hamstrings too.
  • Inspired by Gymnastic Bodies’ Coach Sommers who is a big fan of this movement. I used a broom with a 2.5kg plate in the middle, lying prone on the floor.
  • Rolling Patterns are some of the foundational movements of the FMS corrective system for the soft core, described as a low threshold strategy that depicts asymmetries and deficiencies in a primitive pattern. I focused on not forcing the movement and not letting the lower body contribute to the roll.
  • The Cossack Flow is an FRC movement. It was challenging to keep the movement fluid and really challenged my hip mobility.

I chose four bodyweight strengthening/core movements and spent about 25 minutes rotating through them in a circuit. Rather than prescribing specific reps for each movement, I just spent some time on each until I felt like moving on:

  • Walking Rotations are a cornerstone of Vern Gambetta’s training system. Holding a 4kg dumbbell straight out in front of the body, you walk forward and rotate the arms and trunk towards the front leg. Made the movement more challenging by increasing the pace.
  • Bear Crawls are Bear Crawls, and they are still great. Moving at a reasonably slow pace, bringing the knee up to touch the elbow on each step.
  • I have been working on resolving old injuries since coming to London with an excellent therapist Dan Baines. He is combines Osteopathy techniques and philospophies with PDTR, Anatomy in Motion, and NKT. He is a big believer in integrating the work done on the table back into movement. Recently we have been playing with different Lunge Patterns, adding in reaches to really make it a 3D movement and engage the whole body.
  • The Horizontal or TRX Row is one of the few upper body strengthening movements that I can get away with at the moment and that feels good on the shoulders.


Author: Cairbre

Cairbre is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Tipperary Hurling Team, having previously coached Arsenal Women FC and at the Arsenal Youth Academy. Blog posts inspired by a curiosity about the inner workings of the body and mind, and the pursuit of athletic performance.

UKSCA accredited, with a Sport and Exercise Sciences BSc, and Sports Performance MSc from the University of Limerick.

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